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Honesty • Responsiveness • Curiosity

Buena Vista Financial Planning embodies core values of honesty, responsiveness, and curiosity. Our team integrates these principles into every aspect of our services, ensuring we provide an in-depth understanding of the individual financial scene while maintaining a broader perspective. This commitment allows us to develop tailored financial strategies that align perfectly with your needs.

Your Team

We understand that managing finances can be overwhelming and stressful. As a fiduciary, we support you and always act in your best interest. We take the time to listen to your concerns and understand your unique financial landscape. Your financial well-being is our top priority, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Founder, Wealth Manager

AK Mashhoon, CFP®, CRPS®

Hi, I’m Abduhl Karim Mashhoon, but you can call me AK. I’m the founder of Buena Vista Financial Planning, a full-service firm I started in 2024 to pursue a passion I developed as a young adult.

Born on the Central Coast of California to a Persian father and Mexican mother, I had what I would describe as an atypical upbringing. My parents divorced when I was young, and I spent the better part of my early childhood living on a ranch with my mother and several extended family members. I credit my ability to work through situations, find common ground with others, and understand multiple perspectives with the time I spent in that unique environment.

My mother eventually remarried, and we moved out of the ranch and into a home with two individuals who became important figures in my life, a stepfather (whom I lovingly refer to as my dad) and young stepsister (my baby sister!). Even now, my earliest memories consist of me working in the strawberry fields in Santa Maria, splitting time between my parents’ households, and developing a passion for sports. I played baseball and basketball and loved collecting baseball cards and autographs from my favorite sports role models. When I started attending high school, I took up water polo and swimming as well.

My family never really stressed the importance of a college education, but my swim coach in high school encouraged me to go to a community college. During my stint as a Cuesta Cougar, and amidst the tech crash, I developed an interest in finance. I began to realize just how much finance and accounting go hand in hand and how few college students understood either one, let alone both. After 2 years of community college, I transferred to a local university, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, to pursue an education in my newfound interest and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both finance and accounting.

While still attending university, I had a college professor suggest to me a career as a financial advisor because of my analytical focus and people skills. I immediately took to the idea and developed a sense of purpose. Unfortunately, the initial interview process I went through with several large firms was somewhat discouraging. The emphasis seemed to be on how much money could be made and not on the relationships that could be fostered. It was those initial interviews that made me realize my real passion was in helping others.

While working a job with a health insurance TPA, I started taking evening CFP classes at the University of Georgia. As fate would have it, I happened across a Craigslist ad posted by a finance advisor seeking an assistant/analyst. In 2007, I took that job and worked there until 2021, when I decided to strike out on my own, continuing as a financial advisor with the same broker dealer, and build a practice.

Fast forward to 2024 where I took it one step further and left the employee model in favor of full independence. That was the creation of Buena Vista Financial Planning, a privately owned business that gives me the freedom to make decisions that are in alignment with my overall philosophy, a focus on financial education and meaningful relationships.

I currently live in Decatur, GA with my wife Jessie, our two children, Maisy & Hayes, and our dog, Charlie. I cherish the time spent with my family and enjoy being involved in my community. I still love water polo in addition to cycling, yoga, and live music. I enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships, so if you’re new here, welcome!

Operations Manager

Patrick Rivers, AAMS®

Hello, I’m Patrick. Although I’d like to believe that I was named after the patron saint of Ireland, it’s more likely that my mom just liked the sound of it. I’ve had many nicknames in my time, but Patrick has remained the go-to for getting my attention across a crowded room. Some have tried to call me Pat; few have lived to tell the tale…

Ever since I can remember, my two favorite things in life have been people and problem-solving. As one can imagine, those two passions often intersected as any person alive has had problems that needed some sort of solution. I’m not completely sure where I initially came to value these things, but my guess would be from watching my loving, hard-working parents as they often sacrificed their own time to help the people they loved. Regardless of how it began, I often found myself listening to other people as they shared their stories and sought advice on how to fix their problems or achieve their goals.

This passion for understanding others’ stories and challenges led me to study Theatre at Young Harris College and Valdosta State University, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. After college, I taught high school drama in Monroe, Georgia, where I met AK Mashhoon, a newcomer to the Atlanta area, starting a career in financial planning. His enjoyment of helping others sparked a realization in me about what was missing in my career.

Seeking a new adventure, I moved to teach English in South Korea, a journey rich with new faces, stories, and insights. I met many interesting people and had the pleasure of hearing their stories. It was around this time that I became aware of the fact that people tended to open up to me more than they did others. I can recall one instance during a trip to Vietnam where a stranger shared all their hopes and dreams with me while we sat and watched the sun rise over the ocean. I can remember thinking to myself, “People tend to open up to me a lot, and I get real fulfillment from it. Maybe I should seek this in my own career.” This thought followed me back to my job in Korea, and I began to wonder how to make it a reality.

I soon met a cute girl from Minnesota named Holly, who was teaching at an international school in Seoul. We decided to move back to the US, get married, and start a family. After returning to the U.S., I transitioned into auto insurance, eager to solve problems for people navigating stressful situations. However, the desire to make a broader impact led me back to AK Mashhoon, who offered me a position in his company—a role that has allowed me to thrive by helping clients manage their financial lives while continuously learning from their stories.

Thank you for trusting us with your financial journey. I’m Patrick, and I look forward to hearing your story.

Will Brand, CRCP®

Chief Compliance Officer

Ryan Geschke

Managing Director - Trading & Investments

Erin Corbett

Managing Director – Operations

Jenny Kurz

Director of Marketing

Lauren Lehman, CFA®, CFP®

Head of Portfolio Management

Arianna Rodriguez, CIMA®

Senior Portfolio Manager